The Sparks Fly Upward Foundationwishes to express its deep appreciation toThe partners and donors who made the Cleveland premiere possible!With special thanks toMilton and Tamar Maltz The Sparks Fly Upward Foundationdepends on your support to continue its education aboutThe Holocaust, genocide, and tolerance.Please give generously.
The Sparks Fly Upward Foundation
wishes to express its deep appreciation to
The partners and donors who made the Cleveland premiere possible!
With special thanks to
Milton and Tamar Maltz
The Sparks Fly Upward Foundation
depends on your support to continue its education about
The Holocaust, genocide, and tolerance.
Please give generously.


Three German families…

…Two Jewish and one Christian, are thrust headlong into the Holocaust.

The Sparks Fly Upward begins on October 28, 1938 with the deportation of Polish Jews residing in Germany to Poland, and concludes with the liberation of Berlin in May 1945 and the re-dedication of the Neue Synagogue in Berlin in 1995.

At times the families turn to the Book of Job for diversion, reassurance and enlightenment. Job’s suffering, and the contest between good and evil represented in his story, are reflected in the lives of the characters, who boldly face the question of man’s obligation to man in times of moral and political crisis. The Sparks Fly Upward is told completely through music and lyrics.

The Sparks Fly Upward, told completely through lush music and rich lyrics, is a story of courage, friendship, love, faith, hope and the power of one person to alter the course of another’s life. Set in Nazi Germany, The Sparks Fly Upward is woven from the stories of those who were there.

The historical accuracy of the story, music, and lyrics taken together teach history, pay tribute to the victims and heroes of the Holocaust, and provide audiences with a deep and moving theatrical experience. Sparks has a transformative message and the power to inspire audiences to awareness and action about the Holocaust, genocide, intolerance and hatred.

What They’re Saying…

It is hard to put into words all the gratitude we have for you and for what you have given to the community through the production of The Sparks Fly Upward.  To the community you have given a sense of hope amidst the evils in our world.  To tie together the horrors of the Holocaust with the beauty of what people of conscience have done and continue to do is a true gift.  May we all take your sense of hope and call to action into our world today and make a difference whenever we can.

Gabrielle Callistein

Presenting Partners for the Cleveland Production