Meet the Cast and Crew, #3

Lia Bendix

Lotte Rosenbaum

As with many, if not most Jewish Americans, I grew up steeped in knowledge of and stories about the Holocaust and its atrocities. In fact, I heard so much about it that after a certain point, I almost became inured to the magnitude of the horror. Sometimes it takes stories like this—small-scale, personal, and unflinching—to remind us of the true scale and toll of the Holocaust, and of the importance of fighting against genocide everywhere.

Julia Cooke

Berta Grynszpan / Chorus

I feel blessed to be part of the team for the Cleveland premiere of The Sparks Fly Upward. I love theatre because it has connected me to other people with different life experiences, backgrounds, histories, and stories. This project is a perfect example of theatre working to expose people like me to cultures outside of my own. I do not come from a religious background, and after moving to central Maine at eleven years old, I found a lack of diversity that limited my chances to meet people of various cultures or learn outside of a predominantly Christian viewpoint. This experience has allowed me to learn this history with a deeper understanding than any textbook would provide.

Louis Schwartz


I was a conservative Jew. My great grandmother was a Hungarian Jew who came over before the Holocaust. On my dad’s side of the family however, I have distant relatives that didn’t make it out in time. I want the audience to know that this is an ensemble piece: We’re all moving sets and being in the same space together. You feel a sense of family. Even though the story revolves around specifically three families, this whole cast has become a family in a short time.

Dallas Stark


I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work on this project. It is such a unique way to continue learning about the Holocaust and about the families who endured this time. I am constantly in awe of the talent of my fellow castmates who are bringing these real stories to life. When I’m not performing, I’m probably either dancing, baking, or trying to do an Irish accent.